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Bringing energy to your life

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At the Brí Clinic we provide expert occupational therapy services that enhance your daily life. 

The word Brí is the Irish word for energy. We aim to support people with a range of underlying difficulties with energy, fatigue and sleep whether that is caused by illness such as stroke or Long Covid, or whether it has been caused by life circumstances such as work burnout or menopause.

We also provide a wide range of Occupational Therapy services for older people and those with neurological conditions. This includes rehabilitation programmes, workplace visits, cognitive assessment, and case management work.

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What We Do


We have the experience and skills necessary to meet the rehabilitation needs of people with a wide range of neurological issues. We often work with people who have had a stroke, concussion, or a diagnosis of a potentially more progressive condition such as dementia or Multiple Sclerosis for example. 

With 25 years of clinical experience at the Brí Clinic we  pride ourselves on professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.



Fatigue, unrefreshing sleep or a loss of energy and vitality can be caused by many conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Long Covid, Cancer, MECFS and more. 

Changes in life patterns and routines, such as shift working or a change in family circumstances can also impact our energy levels. 

We provide a tailored approach to the individual, and also offer small group classes online (8 people or fewer) for people with Long Covid. A group especially designed for concussion and brain injury is currently in development. Contact us to be added to the waiting list and alerted when the next group runs.

Watch our website, or contact our office to be informed of the dates for our two day energy management workshops coming in Summer 2023 in Donegal Town and Galway.

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Sometimes family members, partners or caregivers can need some additional information or support. We provide structured guidance in caregiving for adults. 
We can also support you in developing care plans and strategies, assist with identifying and pricing equipment, and advise you about processes such as home adaptations 

Lasting Friendship


With 25 years of clinical experience across a range of areas, our director Ciara can support other Occupational Therapists to achieve their professional goals and enhance their practice through supervision 

Private Occupational Therapist and owner of The Bri Clinic, Ciara Breen

Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Ciara Breen

CORU OT 022782


Galway, Ireland

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